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Diana Villamonte as Mary Dupree
Mary Dupree
A BICO executive who stumbles on to questionable accounting practices and is perceived by the company as a whistle blower. What happens next will changer her life and faith forever.
Walter Jones as Philip Williams
Walter Jones
Philip Williams
"Asked" by his wife Brenda to represent her close friend Mary Dupree, Philip finds himself involved in the biggest case of his life. In his preparation, he discovers that Mary is not the only one on trial, in a sense he is too.
Nitin Adsul as Prem Bir
Nitin Adsul
Prem Bir
A hard working accounting executive for BICO, Incorporated. He's a husband and father of four who wants to advance his career, but at what cost?
Eric Richardson as Rip Carlton
Rip Carlton
The CEO of BICO, Incorporated, who will stop at nothing to make it rain for Wall Street and investors all over the world. "Profit" is his specialty. Heaven help anyone that gets in his way.
Chanté Bowser as Brenda Williams
Brenda Williams
Steadfast in her faith, she must encourage her close friend Mary, who has lost her faith in her time of strife. Brenda must also inspire her husband a man of no faith, who is preparing for the trial of his life. When the chips are down, its always good to have a friend like Brenda, who can get a prayer through.
Darrel Cox as Kirby
Darrel Cox
Brenda's brother and computer specialist by trade. Kirby has a knack for getting information.
Lance Adell as the Security Gaurd
Lance Adell
Office Security Officer
In an answer to a prayer, there's no telling who God uses to come to the aid of His children.
Traci Adkins as The Newsroom Reporter
Traci Adkins
Newsroom Reporter
Listen closely as she reports the latest information on BICO, Incorporated and Mary Dupree.
Monty Love as The Young Philip Williams
Montalis Love
Young Philip
Young Philip notices how hard his father works, balancing his law practice and work at the church. With all of that going on, where does he fit on the scale?
Dionne Audain as Philip's Mother
Dionne Audain
Philip's Mother
A deeply religious woman who unfortunately past on early in Philip's life. An event that immediately put Philip at odds with God.
Sallie Beckner is Judge Katherine Parker
Sallie Beckner
Judge Parker
An experienced woman of the court, she must keep order in her courtroom in this high profile, intense, drama filled case.
Frank Brooks is The Jury Foreman
Frank Brooks
Jury Foreman
Imagine your life flashing before your eyes as this man says, "We the jury find the defendant.." Got God?
Tom Cutler as Hank Reynolds
Tom Cutler
Henry "Hank" Reynolds
Board member of BICO, Incorporated who has a "plan" for the company's financial woes.
Veena Datta as Asha Bir
Veena Datta
Asha Bir
Devoted wife of Prem Bir. She hates the hours that Prem puts in at BICO as it takes time away from his family. Since the company doesn't seem to appreciate his efforts, what's the motivation for the late nights?
Kalahiki Davidson as Manny Duc
Manny Duc
This is one ruthless business man. He's part of the BICO "profit" machine and if you're in way, well you won't be for long. One thing about Manny Duc though, he loves the ladies.
Danielle Davy as Angel Collins
Danielle Davy
Angel Collins
A highly skilled administrative assistant of Mary Dupree.
Christine Galbraith as The Court Clerk
Close assistant to Judge Parker. She helps in running the courtroom and keeping the all important evidence in order for the Judge.
Larry Graves as Charles Gooden
Larry Graves
Charles Gooden
A man of standards, but can he be trusted?
Keith Gregory as The Assistant Prosecutor
Keith Gregory
Assistant Prosecutor
Confident and arrogant in the People's stance against the defense.
Neal Herbert as the bailiff
Neal Herbert
You can be disruptive in Judge Parker's courtroom if you want to, but be assured that you will be dealt with by the bailiff. I recommend not being out of order on this man's watch!
Stan Kang as The Scientist
Stan Kang
Mastermind and creator of Shanghai Blue.
Lynn Katchmark as The Prosecutor
A sharp and cunning federal prosecutor who represents the People of the United States, or does she? She hasn't gotten this far in her career without having a few tricks up her sleeve.
Hemin Kochany as Jones
Hired muscle for BICO, Incorporated. Jones will do whatever it takes to eliminate possible "conflicts of interests" to BICO.

Charlt Mei Lei
Receiving Minister
Assistant to Pastor Woods. She's always glad to see you and reminds us that you can always come back home.

If this man takes your picture, there's no telling where the photo will turn up.
Roger Payano as Philip's Father
Philip's Father
An attorney, this faith driven man had a successful law practice. Although his career was good and walk with the Lord was constant, his relationship with his son wasn't always the best. His teachings of developing a relationship with God to Philip often fell on deaf ears.
Handry Phan as The Onlooker
Handry Phan
A farmer who is in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Christopher Lee Philips as Arnold Wright
Arnold Wright
Board member of BICO, Incorporated. He doesn't have time for slow people, he has no problem leaving you holding the bag if you are.
Juan Veizaga as The Helper
Juan Veizaga
The Helper
Sometimes when we desperately need help, God sends us a helper to get us through tough times. Quite often we don't listen or pay attention when the answers are right in front of our faces.
Jerome Woods is Pastor Woods
Jerome Woods
Pastor Woods
Pastor of Brenda's and Mary's church. His timing is Godlike, he may not come when you want him, but he's always on time. In Philip's case, he came by just in time.