Eric Richardson
Prayer Life is obviously Eric's first venture into filmmaking. He has never acted a day in his life. If you believe you have seen him in numerous Film, TV, and Stage productions, you must be mistaken. It was not him! And he was never at the Boston office, there is no Boston office!!! Eric is very adept at avoiding trouble in any way possible. "Just blame it on someone else, and deny, deny, deny!" Perfectly type-cast as Rip Carlton, right? If you need a villain for your next project, then Eric is your man. Just give him a call when he returns from "the islands". (Can't say just which islands, as the Feds may be listening. You understand.)

Seriously, Eric is a veteran of Stage, Film, and TV. His growing resume (available on request!), includes roles ranging from a French D.P. in John Water's Cecil B. Demented, to Southern lawyer Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird. Trained in NYC, Eric prepared for a "life on the boards" at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. Yes, he can sing and dance too, touring with Broadway's Annie for two years. Although his heart remains on Stage, Film has become his new mistress, as the medium presents so many adventures to explore.

Eric resides with his lovely wife, Patty, in Bel Air, MD. They share many passions, including antiques and Victorian architecture. Their two children are both runaways, one to the African Plain of Disney's Animal Kingdom. He gives a great safari tour! The other is a Senior at the Conservatory of Shenandoah University, where she prepares for a "life on the boards" (sound familiar?) Anyway, life is good!