Walter Maxfield Jones
A native of Sacramento, California, Walter Maxfield Jones has been performing since he was a child. Singing, dancing and acting from the time he could walk, Walter gravitated to the stage winning numerous talent competitions and landing lead roles in plays and musicals such as "Raisin in the Sun," "Sparkle," "The Gift," "Wine in the Wilderness," and his most recent work in "Deception and Denial." His film credits include principle roles in "Painted Smiles," "Urge," and "Prayer Life."

Walter can be seen every Wednesdnay night using his comedic and vocal talents at the 5 Seasons where he is the host of "Warm Wednesdays" Baltimore's, if the not the nation's, largest and longest running weekly open mic poetry and spoken word venue and there are talks of him getting his own TV show on public access "The Walter Maxfield Jones Show" in the making.