Darrel Cox
(A.K.A "The Boogy Man")
Darrel was born and raised in Moss Point, MS. Although he had a strong love of the arts he found that his love of computers and writing computer programs would be his first journey in life. After working in corporate jobs as an software developer/engineer for 14 years Darrel decided to go after his dream of working in the arts. He started preparing himself for the eventual shift and enrolled in Omega Studio's School of Applied Recording Arts and Sciences to become an recording engineer. At the same time he started The Complete Meisner-Based Actor's Training under the direction of Robert Epstein.

Darrel has been involved in the 48 Hour Film Project playing the role of Mitre Man in the film Supper Heroes. You can also see him in an background role in HBO's "The Wire" and as a card player on the mean streets of Baltimore. In the independent film "The Mentor" starring Rutger Hauer you'll see as one of the cocktail party guest. Darrel has also been an feature narrator for Fairfax County Channel 16's Information Avenue in a story about the famed architect Frank Gehry.

Darrel also holds a diploma and certificates from the The Hollywood Film Institute for Feature Film Producer, Cinema Director and Line Producer. He along with his partners Nitin Adsul and Clark McMillian, Jr. plan to produce movies that touch your soul.