Juan Veizaga
Juan Pablo Veizaga was born in Alexandria, Virginia, to Marylou Veizaga, a Procurement Specialist at the World Bank from Nicaragua, and Victor Veizaga, an Information Technology Specialist for the World Bank from Bolivia.

Spanish was his first language but with the help of American schooling and T.V., he learned both languages at a very young age. He grew up in Northern Virginia with brothers Victor Jr. and Jose Nicholas where he went to school and was exposed to athletics, Latin culture and theater early in his life.

In the Spring of 2006, Juan was cast in the feature film "Prayer Life" as The Helper. Since then he has been cast for several other projects in film, television and industrials. Juan is definitely a rising star and not only does he have good looks, charm, and great acting skills, he also graduated from the Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia with a degree in Business. Juan-Pablo Veizaga now resides in Alexandria, Virginia.