Keith Gregory
Born in Pittsburgh Pa. - the youngest of three boys. Keith was a normal Western PA boy; he breathed, ate, drank, dreamt, and oozed football, he loved to play ball. He also had a knack for entertaining whomever he could, whenever he could, whether cracking a joke or singing a song, he was most happy when someone was laughing or being entertained because of my antics.

The first time he was "officially" involved in the "Entertainment World" was in the 5th grade when he sang with the Pittsburgh Symphony. From there he did musicals and some extra work on commercials. In high school he played the supporting role in The Music Man and the lead in Fiddler on the Roof. he also was very active in Choir where he was chaired in District and Regional choir while holding down a regular gig singing lead for my church youth group band. Out of high school he toured the US, Canada, and Europe singing with The Continental Singers for 4 months, after the tour he left the group and joined the Navy starting a family.


He married and took 7 years off, started my family and built a "traditional" career and he didn't do a thing with acting except sing in the shower. Over those 7 years my Dad would call and say, "Son, God gave you a talent - now get out there and use it!!" With my Dad’s passing in 1997, he made a promise to him in his death to pick acting back up. So the following year, with a wife, a job, and two kids - (currently he has three) he auditioned for a community theatre show and got cast. He was disappointed with the quality of the production, but what he wasn't disappointed about was, he was on stage Acting and Singing, which he LOVED!!!

Over the next few years he did some more community shows and was becoming discouraged about the idea of a long-term acting career, when he heard about auditions for a professional theatre. He went to the audition, sang my song and low-and-behold got cast. He has since done many shows with the Virginia Musical Theatre; roles include Col. Thomas McKean in 1776, and Governor/Innkeeper in Man of LaMancha. While doing musicals he got to know local and New York actors, directors and Jeff Meredith (producer of VMT) who all taught him a great deal about the world of acting, the "Entertainment World". (People like to call that Networking) Many encouraged him to pursue on-camera work. So following a suggestion from a good friend he mailed my headshot to New Dominion Pictures and low-and-behold when the casting director opened the envelope she called and cast him in the supporting role for an FBI Files episode on the spot.

That was the start, and my career has blossomed from that day. One of the biggest things he has done is got into classes, and he has marketed himself - everywhere. He always remembers that he is the person who is responsible for creating my acting career. In just a short few years he has had the pleasure of working with a number of talents actors some who are building there careers and some who are seasoned pro's. They include but are not limited to Pat Morita (Mr. Miyagi - Karate Kid) Keith Buterbaugh (played Phantom on Broadway), Mark Joy, Terry Jernigan, Julie Reyburn (award wining Cabaret singer and Actress), Derek Leonidoff, Kristi Watts, Kera O’bryan