Sanjay Khanzode

Sanjay has been operating a camera for commercial films since 1992, studying under the guidance of such well respected cinematographers as Debu Deodhar, Ishwar Bidri, Russi Billimoria, and Piyush shah. Under their tutelage, Sanajay worked to make his own mark in cinema. He has shot more than 2000 episodes of television serials, many Hindi feature films such as Good Buddy Gadbadi in 2012, Deswa and Once upon a time in Bihar, both in 2013. Sanjay has also shot numerous Marathi feature films including Mission Possible in 2010, Bluff Master in 2011, and Lavu Ka Lath and Mala Ek Chanas Hawa in 2012.

Sanjay's Filmography

Director of Photography:

  • Manthan – Ek amrut pyala - 2005
  • Jai Jai Gagangiri Maharaj - 2006
  • Sasu Numbari Jawai Dus Numbari - 2007
  • Satya… more than human - 2008
  • Sagale karun Bhagale - 2008
  • Laagali Paij - 2009
  • Asa Mi Tasa Mi - 2009
  • Ankganit Anandache - 2009
  • Mission Possible - 2010
  • Bluff Master - 2011
  • Lavu Ka Lath - 2012
  • Mala Ek Chanas Hawa - 2012
  • Hindi Feature Films:

  • Good Buddy Gadbadi - 2012
  • Deswa - 2013
  • Once upon a time in Bihar - 2013
  • Television Serials:

  • Rishtey
  • Khana Khazana
  • Shaka la ka boom boom
  • Mission Fateh
  • Dharam Vir
  • Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi
  • Hawaayen
  • Chakravyuh
  • Agni
  • Ssshhhh Koi hai

  • Mission Possible Trailer

    "A forthcoming Marathi film ‘Mission Possible’ is expected to meet these expectations. Pushkar Jog, is one such actor in Marathi film industry, who can fit into any kind of role. ‘Mission Possible’is not only his own family production under the banner of SSJ films but he is so directing this film. Pushkar has already made his debut as a director through a Marathi film ‘Satya’ made on social awareness. The film had already won Maharashtra state award. Well known Cinematographer of Marathi films - Sanjay Khanzode, who is doing the photography of this film has used his creativity to make this film more presentable with the help of advanced technology. Finally, it is Pushkar who is shouldering the responsibility to make his film a grand success by playing the dynamic role of Yash, to touch the hearts of millions."
    - MMW News Network

    Lavu Ka Laath - Song

    "You may call 'Lau Ka Laath' a Musical comedy with humour filled action; as the film maker has also paid attention to music, besides managing the comedy scenes with care. The two songs, 'Morya..' and 'Mala Ek chance hava ..' are picturised well, with good music by Avinash Vishwajeet. At no point you feel bored. Such is the impact created through the screenplay and apt dialogues. Though, some of the dialogues carry double meaning, no vulgarity is noticed. The climax of this film goes almost on the lines of Priyadarshan type of films; but it is limited, to conclude with a happy note. The suspense behind the character of 'Lakhu Lungi'- a dacoit behind stealing antique pieces, has been very cleverly revealed, at the end. 'Lau Ka Hath' is a time pass film for all age groups. As a film maker, Vijay Patkar has succeeded in offering his recipe, filled with wholesome entertainment."
    - MMW News Network

    Deswa Musical Trailer

    Deswa begins in 2005 with a student protest during the corrupt Bihari administration of Laloo Prasad Yadav, intended to free the characters played by Ajay Kumar and Deepak Singh. The film goes in a flashback of these two prisoners. Singh is a temporary Government teacher who twice passed the written entrance examination for the Indian Police Service but was not selected for employment. Kumar is a brilliant student but from a poor family, which meant that he could not afford the INRtwo lakh bribe that was necessary in order to secure a job. He has a friend who is of a lower caste, which adds to his woes because the relationship caused friction with both his older brother and society generally. While Kumar needs money for the bribe and to pay a dowry on the marriage of his sister, his friend needs finance to start a roadside tea stall and so escape the need to continue working for his cruel employer. The young men plans the most unusual idea and as the destiny would have, fail. Deswa is a 2-hour 10-minute film which will engage you through its picturesque Cinematography, songs by great Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal, Sharda Sinha, Bharat Sharma Vyas and edge of the seat thrilling scenes.