About Us

EastWest Films Mission Statement:

EastWest Films is a multimedia company that will specialize in producing, distributing, empowering inspirational and uplifting web media, film and television programs from around the world.

Our Story:

In 2004 coworkers and friends Nitin Adsul, Darrel Cox, and Clark McMillian, pooled their talents together to form a film production company. Nitin's career as an actor, Darrel's technical background in sound engineering and film editing, and Clark's writing background all meshed together perfectly and EastWest films Incorporated was formed. Ten years later, the synergy level and drive for producing high caliber films that capture the human spirit still remains strong.

In late 2006 and early 2007 EastWest Films, began production on the company's first feature length film entitled Prayer Life, a film about a woman who's faith is shaken but doesn't wavier when a Fortune 500 company sues her for financial fraud. Rupesh Mahajan was the Director of Photography on the project and has been part of the EastWest Films family since. In 2008, Prayer Life received domestic and world home distribution. In 2010, EastWest Films collaborated with 19th and Wilson on the company's first horror film entitled Ghosts Don't Exist. The film had a limited theatrical release. Later that year EastWest Films returned to its roots of consciousness and helped produced in conjunction with 7dots Media, Kundalini, a documentary about a path to higher consciousness.

In 2011 EastWest Films shot and produced a powerful documentary about gospel ensemble entitled The Victory Experience. The film follows the five members of the group who each talk how their faith got them through times of poverty, addiction, divorce, self worth, and a parent dealing with a a child dealing with depression. EastWest Films also reteamed with 7dots Media and Rupesh Mahajan to produce the dramatic short, "Together Forever". A real life story about Indian stars and sole mates Sunil Dutt and Nargis Dutt and there love here on earth followed them in the afterlife.

Shortly after Nitin's tour of promoting Together Forever, Nitin, requested a meeting amongst the partners of EastWest Films which also included Rupesh. Nitin told the heart warming story of his uncle and cousin. We instantly discussed how we had to and could, put this wonderful story to life on film, and thus have been working on the Partu! project ever since.

Prayer Life

An Attorney with the help of his religiously grounded wife, his no-nonsense computer hacker brother-in-law, and a corporate executive struggling with his conscience, is trying to prove his client's innocence in an accounting fraud charge that other company executives are trying to pin on her. As the story unfolds, the Attorney uncovers an intricate trail by the Fortune 500 company that includes murder, blackmail and accounting fraud, all leading to a plot to corner the Asian poultry market. And in the process, the attorney finds his faith and his client rediscovers hers. Through his new found faith and investigative resources, he must try to get the charges dropped and clear the name of his client.


It is self evident that all men are created equal, yet some perform extraordinary achievements and others live a life of emptiness never reaching their full potential. There is a force that everyone is entitled to, that can bring the fulfillment his or her lives desire. That evolutionary force is Kundalini. Beyond science, beyond religion; Kundalini is the SOURCE of the FORCE. This untapped powerful resource available for centuries within every human body is still unexplained, mysterious and kept secret till today.

Together Forever

India's movie star Sita Devi is ruthlessly dumped by her husband Kumar. A seminar is organized in New York to shine a light on the love of famous movie stars of India Mr. Sunil Dutt and his wife Mrs Nargis Dutt. The debate elaborates on how their love story gets intertwined with that of a German born couple, Lotte and Felix Joseph who were the victims of Hitler. Did this story provide Sita Devi with a formula for finding eternal love and be together forever?